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Come volunteer with us and brighten an animal's day. 

Volunteers are an essential part of our shelter team and we are so thankful to those who choose to spend their time helping our rescue animals. No matter your skill or experience level, we have a volunteer opportunity for you!

" What can I do to help? "

  • Are you a clean freak? So are we! Come help us keep our facility clean, healthy, and comfortable for our animals. This includes sanitation tasks like scooping litter boxes, scooping poop in the runs or play area, and cleaning/tidying kennels. 

  • Is laundry your thing? Well boy do we have a lot of it - help us wash, sort, and fold laundry and soft items that our shelter pets use on a daily basis. 

  • Socialization with our animals is always available! Spending time with our more shy or young rescue pets helps them to learn better people manners and increases their chances of finding a forever home.  Even if it is just cuddling with an animal in our meet & greet area - we want them to get used to an "in-home" experience. We also want them to have a chance to learn and practice the skills they'll need to be a good pet. 

  • Leash training and exercising our pets is another area where we always need volunteers. Walking a dog on a leash to get them used to the experience also helps increase their chance of adoption.

  • Positive association training (i.e., volunteers go through the public portion of our shelter and give every animal a treat! For dogs, we wait until they are quiet and still before handing over the goods. It teaches them to not get overly excited each time they see a new face).  

  • One-on-one training for basic obedience (Sit, stay, roll over! Just the basics)

  • Bathing dogs so they are fresh, clean, and adoption ready!

  • Do you enjoy photography? Let our fur babies be your subjects! Taking photographs of each animal plays a vital role in helping to get them adopted. Professional camera? Camera phone? We aren't picky - we just like to see great pictures! 

  • Are you crafty? Looking for a way to give back while engaging in a hobby you love? We are always in need of great craft or enrichment projects that can be made from home. Items like snuffle mats, PVC treat dispensers, dog/cat houses, sewn bandanas or bowties, etc. are always loved and appreciated! 

Ready to help? Get in touch so we can get you started!

A special thank you to our volunteers for all that you do!

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